Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Mexico Guided Hunts

Sagebrush Hunts is pleased to announce we have expanded to New Mexico. We have been searching several years for the right ranch to lease and have finally found it. We are very excited about the opportunity to hunt a ranch of this caliber. We have secured the rights to hunt on 87,000 acres in Northeast New Mexico. This a very well managed ranch that is conservatively grazed, creating ideal wildlife habitat.
We will be offering:

Antelope Hunts
This ranch has some of the best looking antelope country a guy is going to find in New Mexico. The ranch has historically produced low 70 to low 80 type bucks.

This ranch is a rare gem in Northeast New Mexico. It has great habitat for elk that you normally don’t find in this part of the state. The ranch has produced 300-350+ bulls in the past. A 370 bull was just shot last year right across the fence on a neighboring ranch.  No draw needed for this tag.

Mule Deer
These hunts will take place on the sandhill portion of the ranch. As you know Sagebrush Hunts loves mule deer and we feel we have a hit a home run by finding this area which is very similar to our Kansas ranch. These sandhills of New Mexico have produced 170-180 type bucks in the past with potential for bigger.

Merriam Turkey
These hunts will take place in some beautiful canyon settings in some of the same habitat the elk live in.

If you have any interest in these hunts contact Jeremy at 806-333-4358 or by emailing us at

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Texas Pronghorn Hunts

Sagebrush Hunts has a few openings available for the 2015 Pronghorn Antelope Season.  Contact us for details at or 806-333-4358.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Horse showin'!

We had the opportunity to take Calvin to an open horse show so he could compete in leadline. For those that aren't familiar, it's when an adult leads the little one around the ring. Cuteness factor is through the roof. It was a little slow for Cal's taste but he still enjoyed it. Especially when Pa was doing the leading.

Loved the ribbons.
That little number is so stinkin' cute.
Grammy got to sub in for one class.
Pa is still the best though.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We're building a house/lodge!

After a lot of soul searching and calculating and praying and talking and... well you get the point -- we decided to build a home in Kansas for us to live in during the winter months and to house bird and deer hunters.

We are expected to be able to move in this fall! We will still graze cattle and spend the summers in Texas. We so love our ranching lifestyle in Texas, but for a lot of reasons we want to keep offering hunts in Kansas and have our own place to do so. We also look forward to Calvin going to school in Lakin, the same school system from which Jeremy graduated. He will get to spend more time with friends and cousins while we're up there as well.

It's not always easy moving back and forth, but we hope this will make it a little simpler and still allow us to live our gypsy lifestyle. We will continue to offer prairie dog and antelope hunts in Texas, and deer and (assuming it rains again someday) bird hunts in Kansas.

We want to thank all of our hunting clients for allowing us to make this possible! We so appreciate the fact that guiding hunts has allowed us to meet so many interesting people from all around the country. It truly has enriched our lives in so many ways.

Here's the progress as of this morning. Walls are finally going up!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

One of those nights

Jeremy returned yesterday after being gone for several days and today we got some things done but mostly spent time enjoying each other's company. After supper we all played soccer in the yard and it was one of those moments I've looked forward to since moving here. When we built the fence and planted the yard and planted the trees I always thought this would be a great place to play with a little one. And it really was.

Nope it still hasn't rained. But that's OK. And he's the reason why.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Staying busy

Here lately, Jeremy's been helping some neighbors brand calves. It's a great way to work horses, meet and visit with people, get dirty and sweaty and put a little money in his pocket.
But that means he's been gone all day which isn't something we're exactly used to. Yesterday Calvin and I went on a not-so-fun trip to the big city for a dentist appointment. It ended with bad news and another appointment made. Today, though, we got in a little fence fixing. Calvin was real helpful. He's actually only pretending to sleep. He spent plenty of time getting too close to tumbleweed-infested fence, all while assuring me, "There's no rattlesnakes in this neighborhood!" Here's hoping he's right!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's almost SUMMER!

You have to sing  the word "summer" the same way Olaf from Frozen sings it. Really, belt it out.  It will warm you up. And if you haven't seen that movie, please do. It's for all ages. Jeremy, the "I don't watch comics" hater even found Frozen amusing.

Anyway, chilly day today dealing with this:

And makes me wish it were more of a day to do this: